Our Philanthropy

Our Mission

 IQR-CJE’s, mission is to lessen the burden and support the less known charities and
organisations who are undertaking truly inspiring work through their unsung hero’s such as volunteers and locals in the community giving up their time in the spirit of helping others.


Our Vision

To bring local communities together to assist and help smaller localised organisations with any level of support from volunteering, donating, and assistance with professional services where possible. If we can all become a little less focussed on the digital world being glued to our hardware and remember what is going on around us, we can increase awareness and compassion again and hopefully the overall level of empathy for those who are truly doing it tough.


Our Story

How We got Started

Throughout the COVID global pandemic, it became obvious that there are so many smaller charities that battled on without the exposure and notoriety of the larger organisations with increases of over 300% for requests for assistance and demand on local charities. These organisations are held together by hard-working everyday people on ‘shoestring budgets’ and now more than ever need a helping hand themselves. We have pledged to not only donate and support with much-needed financial and product aid, but we are also bringing to life some amazing events and fundraisers that will shine a light on these incredibly selfless organisations and the wonderful people who bind them together.


Where We Are Now

We have personally donated in excess of $1,310,000 in product aid and donations over the past 12 months and are constantly inundated with requests for more assistance. As a result, our amazing philanthropy team has developed a road map for some truly inspiring fundraisers with planning underway for the first incredible night to be held in November 2021. These events are extremely important to us and the people we support so that we can continue what we have started by ensuring that the most venerable have direct and immediate support without the administrative hurdles and red tape.


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