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IQR Group is a global logistics and procurement group specialising in bulk supply and warehousing of medical PPE and medical products.

We work closely with our client’s technical management team to establish your procurement requirements. Then verify specification and certification requirements governing our products in the receiving geographical region. Then we provide fluid and regular updates so that you understand the required lead times, payment terms and any potential upcoming stock shortages before it occurs. This allows us to provide unparalleled guidance to our clients on any potential risk of global needs on high demand products. In addition, our global logistics and warehousing teams make sure that all orders are consolidated at suitable secure locations prior to throughout its journey ensuring product integrity whilst on route to its next port of landing. Our long-term manufacturing and logistics teams have worked side by side with our CEO personally for many years. Our logistics teams throughout the COIVD 19 pandemic have added true value to every shipment as they are highly trained and accustomed to all ports globally and are reliable with planned schedules and shipment tracking. IQR Groups worldly expertise in global customs provide formidable assurances that every shipment is prepared accurately so that there are no unforeseen delays at any port or customs delays in landing countries. 

IQR guarantee all orders until they arrive at your designated landing point and we are more than happy to provide additional independent quality testing for your products when and where requested during production or delivery. IQR Group’s global supply record stands well-coordinated with a success rate of 100% on all scheduled deliveries during the entire COVID crisis.

 IQR Group’s Sustainable and Responsible Procurement Principles: We are committed to protecting the environment and doing business with ethically and socially responsible vendors.

Our Reviews

Who would have thought that automatic hand sanitiser dispenser stands would be such a crucial resource in 2020? We’d like to give a massive thank you to Court Watts, CEO of the IQR Group for his generous donation of nearly 400 of these stands to 48 of the vital charities that the LMCT supports. 💪They’re helping charities like  Suited to Success Ltd and Emmanuel City Mission keep their frontline services COVID-safe for the vulnerable people they help.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust

Mount Gravatt Community Centre are so thankful to have been the recipients of these wonderful hand sanitiser units that we are using every day. These units are very easy to use and have assisted all of our staff, volunteers and social group members to maintain our COVID-19 safety procedures. Thank you Court Watts, CEO and the IQR Group for their generosity.

Mount Gravatt Community Centre