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IQR Group are a bulk procurement, logistics and warehousing specialist with the ability to make miracles happen through times of adversity or global shortages.

Our company is highly regarded as a never fail solution to the seemly impossible global supply chain, logistics or warehousing nightmares face daily. We made the impossible happen throughout 2020 assisting governments, hospitals and private firms with bulk critical medical PPE requirements. From production and independently certified testing and shipping with a 100% delivery strike rate on all orders arriving in port at on-site ready for our clients well before programmed delivery milestones.

IQR Group also own and operate in-house warehouses which are fitted with state of the art security solutions that ensure all stock is securely protected and insured. Our quality control department ensure that all stock is kept in a suitably qualified environment meeting various manufacturers requirements maximising life span perimeters.

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Who would have thought that automatic hand sanitiser dispenser stands would be such a crucial resource in 2020? We’d like to give a massive thank you to Court Watts, CEO of the IQR Group for his generous donation of nearly 400 of these stands to 48 of the vital charities that the LMCT supports. 💪They’re helping charities like  Suited to Success Ltd and Emmanuel City Mission keep their frontline services COVID-safe for the vulnerable people they help.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust

Mount Gravatt Community Centre are so thankful to have been the recipients of these wonderful hand sanitiser units that we are using every day. These units are very easy to use and have assisted all of our staff, volunteers and social group members to maintain our COVID-19 safety procedures. Thank you Court Watts, CEO and the IQR Group for their generosity.

Mount Gravatt Community Centre